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City of Ghosts at FIVARS

We are happy to announce that City of Ghosts, our interactive augmented reality film experience, premiered as an official selection of the FIVARS Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories in Toronto at the House of VR, September 15-17!

FivARs 2017


CieAR (Cinematographic Interactive Experiential Augmented reality) is a developer and producer of customized interactive and immersive content that takes storytelling to a new level, completely changing the cinematic experience. Bring your body along!

CieAR offers unprecedented interactivity, delivering a unique AR film experience to visitors of any age – with a smartphone, tablet or video glasses –who interact in real space and time with life-size 3D virtual characters.

Museums, cities, event organizers, theme parks and film studios can personalize and build on the CieAR platform, creating new revenue streams and enhancing existing assets.


Through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or eyeware the real venues used in the CieAR experience offer interaction with life size virtual 3D characters that spring to life in immersive scenes, complete with spatialized audio.

Watch this video to experience for yourself the CieAR haunted cast of characters.

Watch the video >


The creative and technology expertise of CieAR’s team spans the entire AR production chain. We’ve got a great story to tell…

Bringing together top talent from the gaming, design, and film industries gives us a distinct advantage in the modern entertainment industry. Combining motion-tracked, real-life actors with real-time graphics generation into a life size augmented reality environment has been a seriously fun goal to achieve.


The CieAR platform uses Miralupa’s MARGE™ augmented reality technology to provide an experience that is robust and reliable. MARGE offers a precise alignment of virtual 3D elements to scale with real places in real time. The CieAR platform also includes advanced geolocation for enhanced interactivity with 3D life-size figures, as well as the ability for multilingual experiences.

Learn more at marge.io

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