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Montreal, Canada – Necropolis: City of Ghosts got noticed at the M-Style, Design, Mobile Media and Social Networks, held at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) in Montreal. The reproduction of a nineteenth-century salon, with its blue walls adorned with portraits of characters and its red carpet, attracted the attention of all visitors. The most curious were privileged to discover the innovative augmented reality technology of the Necropolis prototype. With a tablet, users could see the Baron emerging from his mural portrait and down a virtual staircase under their feet leading to the secret laboratory of a mad scientist. Intelligent video goggles (courtesy of the Osterhout Design Group), amazed visitors who were also able to see the heroine of the game, La Stilla, emerge from her painting like a ghost returning from the afterlife. The augmented reality experience was impressive and convincing. Producer Serge Landry presented Necropolis: The City of Ghosts to an attentive audience and shared the disturbing experience of Necropolis in a video interview by cultural journalist Claude Deschênes.

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