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City of Ghosts Augmented Reality Tour

CieAR is touring North-American cities this summer with a live demonstration of City of Ghosts.

We’ve met with several cities and generated a LOT of excitement! City of Ghosts is an interactive, 360-degree mobile augmented reality film experience that allows users of any age to interact freely in real space with life-size 3D virtual characters ̶ across several locations.
City of Ghosts invites visitors and tourists to make a journey through your city and through time to relive a story of love, death, ghosts and technology ̶ all in glorious augmented 3D animation mixed with real places. City of Ghosts transports you to the beginning of the 20th century in the middle of a criminal investigation. Your spectroscope (smart phone or tablet) will help you solve the mystery and the circumstances around the death of La Stilla, one of the most famous sopranos of the Belle Époque.
Watch this video to experience for yourself the City of Ghosts haunted cast of characters.

Imagine how City of Ghosts can transform YOUR city!

Contact us today: Sara Benalem, sales & marketing coordinator,


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