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We know ROI is one of the most important metrics for measuring the success of your city’s tourism strategy.

Successful city branding campaigns invest in superior content, education and promotional effort and optimize the use of legacy assets. City of Ghosts offers an impactful and engaging experience that enhances your city’s brand and existing attractions and offers a direct, short/long-term revenue strategy that opens doors for economic development.


Every $1 million spent by tourists:

Creates 14 jobs and generates $553,400 in wages and salaries…Tourists look for unique, tailored and high-quality experiences and have a number of great destinations to choose from… We need to better utilize new technologies to enhance the tourist experience… The Ontario Tourism Competitive Study: HERE

A quick ROI with City of Ghosts is easier than you might think…




1– $350,000 investment over Year 1
2– Related marketing costs include salaries, marketing campaign, Wi-fi and equipment fees (might vary if rented, purchased or sponsored)
3– Direct and indirect income includes entrance fees and tourist expenditures in your city’s restaurants, grocery stores, travel services, retail outlets, hotels/motels, other entertainment and more.
4– $175,000 investment for Year 2
5– $100,000 investment for Year 3

A tourist attraction which easily and seamlessly builds upon your city assets

Drawing on them as focal points within the storyline.

  • City of Ghosts is an interactive augmented reality experience for visitors of any age
  • City of Ghosts easily and seamlessly builds upon your city assets, drawing on them a focal points within the storyline
  • CieAR handles all technology operations and technical support as well as training
  • City of Ghosts takes storytelling to a whole new level with life size 3D characters
  • City of Ghosts promotes your city’s assets and legacy attractions while offering opportunities for indirect revenue
  • City of Ghosts would be ready to deploy by December, 2017 and can offer a licensed year-round indoor/outdoor experience

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Contact Robert Young to receive you free CieAR Card deck of 8 augmented reality experiences to see how cool it is.


    • Can I brand the experience and bring on sponsors? 

YES! In fact, we recommend sponsors cover your cost for wifi and accessories like eyewear and smart devices.  Sponsors can also have product references in the experience itself.

    • Will my investment cover the event, script, installation, and technical support? 

YES! In fact, your investment covers 8 interactive (indoor/outdoor) scenes with life-size 3D characters, script tailored to cover your city’s attractions, installation, and technical support.

    • Will we need to provide technology training? 

YES! CieAR handles all technology operations and technical support as well as training..

    • Do we need to provide anything ourselves as a city to enable City of Ghosts? 

YES! Wifi, smart devices/eyewear. You will need to hire staff and promote the event.

    • Will I need to hire staff? 

YES! You can expect to create at least 10 jobs with City of Ghosts.

    • Are my visitors obliged to wear glasses for this experience? 

NO! Tablets and smartphones can be used to experience City of Ghosts. VR encompasses the user in an entirely virtual environment but AR allows for the overlay of virtual elements and interaction with those elements within real world scenes.

  • We need a flexible payment plan. Do we have to pay City of Ghosts upfront? 

NO! Book an appointment with us to discuss your needs.

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