CieAR Takes Storytelling to a New Level at SXSW 2017

Larger-Than-Life Debut for Company’s Cinematographic
Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

Québec, QC –February 8, 2017 – CieAR (Cinematographic Interactive Experiential Augmented Reality) is pleased to announce that SXSW in Austin Texas, March 12-15 will serve as the U.S. debut of its CieAR Platform, a unique, interactive augmented reality (AR) storytelling experience. CieAR will exhibit in Planète Québec’s SXSW booth. Visitors to the company’s stand can preview for themselves the immersive experience which allows them to interact in real space and time with life-sized 3D virtual characters.

CieAR takes storytelling to a new level, completely changing the paradigm of the traditional cinematic storytelling experience with unprecedented interactivity that allows for unforgettable realism and a profound attachment to the script. The CieAR Platform can be customized to enhance any production or be delivered as a turnkey experience with personalized content. At SXSW CieAR will meet with film companies, municipalities, corporations and event organizers looking for a competitive edge and additional revenue stream to complement their existing (or planned) projects.

“SXSW is an amazing venue for tapping into the hottest trends and witnessing the most advanced interactive technologies available today,” said CieAR President, Robert Young. “The event is a perfect fit for event and festival organizers and those in the entertainment and film industry who must differentiate their assets, engage and inspire in highly competitive environments.”

The CieAR Platform supports different cinematic genres – action, adventure, drama, comedy, historical, suspense, horror, fantasy, etc.- for one participant or in multi-participant mode and can take place anywhere at any time on multiple devices and in multiple locations. Great freedom of movement in the real space and full mobility during the experience will leave visitors in awe. Virtual characters also move in this real space – down stairs, sitting on real chairs, interacting with the real player, etc.

About CieAR

CieAR is a Québec City-based developer and producer of customized interactive and immersive content that greatly enhances storytelling through the use of life-size 3D characters that spring to life in immersive scenes, complete with spatialized audio and user interaction.

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