CieAR To Unveil Augmented Reality Cinema Platform at AWE 2017

Life-Size 3D Characters Interact With Participants in Real Space & Time  ̶  Take Filmmaking To a New Level

Quebec City – May 24, 2017 – CieAR Inc. (Cinematographic Interactive Experiential Augmented Reality) announced today that it will unveil its new AR (augmented reality) film platform at the AWE 2017 Conference and Expo in Santa Clara California May 31-June 2. The CieAR Platform enables a unique and immersive film experience in real space and time with life-sized 3D virtual characters  ̶  taking storytelling to a whole new level. 

The CieAR Platform is the creative and technology force behind the company’s fully turnkey City of Ghosts AR film experience designed for municipalities, event organizers, historical venues, theme parks and corporations looking for new ways to attract visitors, create new revenue streams and enhance existing tourism assets. Nominated for a prestigious AUGGIE Award in the Best Game & Toy category, the turnkey City of Ghosts experience time-travels participants to the turn of the 20th century, where they find themselves in the midst of a criminal investigation caught between real life objects and a virtual 3D world with a cast of haunted characters they can almost reach out and touch.

The CieAR Platform can also be used by film directors and producers to enhance their existing creative film assets.

“We can offer a complete turnkey or customized AR experience like City of Ghosts in any genre for one or multiple players in multiple locations,” said Company President, Robert Young. “Our advanced AR technology and creative platform provides for a profound attachment to the script and unforgettable realism. Any story can be supported and greatly enhanced through the use of life-size 3D characters that spring to life in immersive scenes, complete with spatialized audio/user interaction. We’ve also built in great freedom of movement and full mobility that leave participants in total awe.”

Visit CieAR at AWE booth 954 for a demonstration.

Note to editors:  At AWE 2017 CieAR will be giving away card decks that offer miniature AR experiences from City of Ghosts that can be viewed and enjoyed at any time on a smartphone or tablet.

About CieAR
CieAR is a developer and producer of customized interactive and immersive content that takes storytelling to a new level, completely changing the cinematic experience. Bring your body along! CieAR offers unprecedented interactivity, delivering a unique interactive AR film experience to visitors of any age – with a smartphone, tablet or video glasses –who interact in real space and time with life-sized 3D virtual characters. Ideal applications include municipalities, events, historical venues, theme parks and corporations.  Film directors and producers can also use the CieAR Platform to enhance their existing creative assets.

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