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Why choose the CieAR platform to create immersive experiences?

The CieAR platform offers content producers the tools to create a unique interactive mobile augmented reality film experience that greatly enhances municipal and historical assets, adds a new dimension to themed experiences for tourist attractions and is a new source of revenue for municipalities, amusement parks and entertainment centers.

Take storytelling to a new level, completely changing the cinematic experience. Bring your body along!

The CieAR platform allows content creators to create incredibly immersive and interactive experiences which allows for a profound attachment to the script and unforgettable realism. Great freedom of movement and full mobility leaving visitors in awe of how real the experience felt. The CieAR platform also includes advanced geolocation for enhanced interactivity with life-size 3D characters, as well as the ability for multilingual experiences.

Content creators can choose to design and produce interactive personalized experiences in augmented reality on a small scale (a single scene, with one or two characters in one location) or on a large scale (several scenes with several characters across multiple venues).

To maximize the experience of augmented reality and promote freedom of movement, the CieAR platform favours a naturalized interface, with a clear field of vision and simplified and intuitive game mechanics. Interactivity is not based on any “click”, but essentially on the position of the user and the device: the choices are made and the actions are triggered when the user approaches the object looks at it for a few seconds or when he/she leans his/her head or pivots the device left or right (like a steering wheel), to attract or repel some virtual object or character.

To perfectly integrate interactive scenes with life-size 3D virtual characters in real space, the CieAR platform uniquely integrates a variety of aesthetic and technical know-how from cinema, video games and augmented reality. All of our virtual characters are initially played by real actors in a motion capture studio, using real costumes, hair and makeup. This allows CieAR experiences to approach interactivity with film-like production processes. We capture an actor’s expression using facial motion capture during the voiceover process. This gives our characters life-like expression and perfectly synchronized audio with fantastic realism.

To learn more about CieAR, visit or contact us: Sara Benalem, sales & marketing coordinator,

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